PRE-ORDER - Conditions



We introduced a pre-order system in our shop, to offer you the most sustainable way of buying fashion. A pre-order refers to ordering a product before it is produced. It means shopping for what is not made yet, but expecting to get it, once the production is done.

This is a beneficial model for brands, customers, and the environment.

6 Benefits of the Pre-Order Model:

1. Follows the actual demand for each item produced. This way the brands have a good sense of what their sales will look like.
2. Prevents overproduction and waste. Unfortunately, each year 30% of produced clothes will not be sold. Considering the amounts of textiles that end up in landfills every year, this practice is highly damaging to the planet. The pre-order system avoids this and produces only what will be sold. By minimizing the risk of new clothes going to waste, it presents a far better environmental choice.
3. Reduces the amount of deadstock. Though there are great initiatives around the world that are working on reusing deadstock, it is far from a sustainable practice. The most sustainable thing to do is to avoid it in the first place.
4. A better financial choice for the sellers. A large amount of items (over)produced requires having stocks and paying the transport, so the clothes arrive at the stores in estimated amounts.
5. Prevents impulse buying. The system encourages conscious and thoughtful buying from customers.

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