Daniella Batlle

Born in 1984, this designer with beach blood has lived in many different parts of Colombia and Venezuela, from the sea to the mountains, by which she has had a unique path in her fashion design career. Her work is cultural appropriation in its full expression as she perfectly combines traditions, colors and styles from the different regions of Colombia and other places around the world.

From a very young age, she was strongly related to the fashion world thanks to her mother, a fashionista, former beauty queen and columnist for national pageants and local fashion;and her grandmother who ran an impeccable and successful sewing workshop.These people showed Daniella a world made up of clothing, textiles, design and feminine aesthetic.

Her previous experience has been broad and non-traditional, which has allowed her to stand out in her latest collections. In her beginnings Daniella led a retail operation of a local beachwear designer, she designed clothing and prints for not-for-profit organization and she has wrote fashion columns for multiple national newspapers for many years up until recently. As a writer she has been able to hone her ability to identify major patterns in the market, analyze them and present her own interpretation through her creations.

Daniella wearing a skirt from her first collection “Le Jardin”.


This designer finds her inspiration through a comprehensive and thorough research and experimentation process of the sketches, graphic design for her fabrics, broad selection of materials and techniques, and new and alternative ways to frame public presentations of her collections. 

Daniella believes a catwalk should be an experience in which the audience is reached through all senses by complementary arts including, dance, music and theatre.

During her short career as a designer, Daniella has been able to participate in the most important fashion events in Colombia, including Plataforma K, Barranquilla Fashion Week, Bogota Fashion Week and Colombiamoda. She has been nominated to awards such as the Premios Cromos de la Moda (Best New Designer 2015, Best Accesories & Complements 2015 and 2016, Best Designer 2016 and Best Staged Performance 2016) and awarded at the Barranquilla Fashion Week and Colombia Trade Expo in Miami in 2014 with the Revelation Designer of the Year award.

La Mar’s moodboard.

Illustration inspired by La Mar made by Miguel Garcia a well-known colombian fashion illustrator.

Colombian Fashion’s New Rising Star

Daniella Batlle has been considered by the local media and press as one of the new rising stars of the Colombian fashion design industry, and also as one of the 100 most influential leaders by the «Gerente» magazine for her commitment to building a social conscience within the Colombian fashion industry.

Awarded at the Barranquilla Fashion Week with the Revelation Designer of the Year award. 

“Gerente” magazine.

Article about Daniella Batlle in the “Gerente” magazine.

«Welcome to the magical and colourful world of Daniella Batlle.»